POWERNODE Founded in 1996, Powernode was established with the vision to distribute, build and serve across Canada — Pure Canadians!!. With our honesty, integrity, fairness and perseverance, Powernode has build up a very strong market network. All these factors help contribute to be a remarkable and consistent year-on-year revenue and profit growth.

Powernode started in Markham Ontario in 1996, our founders have shared the same vision to extend our network from East to West. Shortly after our Head Quarter set up, our branch offices were also set up in both Montreal and BC in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Backed by our service-oriented Powernode’s customer range from Small Medium Business to Fortune 500. We offer flexible credit terms, specialized service plan and employee purchase plan. Our premium service has been proven to be outstanding especially in our Montreal location. Powernode Montreal is our high profit-center. While most of our major competitors had already long withdrawn from the industry in this particular region, Powernode is still firmly standing behind committment, wide variety of product matrix, strong customers bond, Powernode managed to secure solid customer-based across Canada. And we offer complete system solutions including storage, optical, memory/flash, motherboard, graphics, multimedia solution, input/output device, networking, printers, digital camera, blue-tooth devices, display, UPS, power supply, notebooks, notebook accessories, etc. the products we distributed and still investing with massive resources to support our customers.

Understanding that merely pricing could not be the winning factor in today industry, Powernode invested in a full-facilitate warehouse, with Sales force, Warehouse, RMA department and Technical support for all locations from west to east to provide all-in-one-solution to customers.